Rudge light roadster ordinary bicycle

The Rudge Light Roadster was a very well finished machine built by Rudge (Wolverhampton).
They were famous because of the stiff constructed tangent spoked wheels.
A lot of these machines were sold in the USA.
Ths may have been the case with the bicycle in the pictures since it has the (non-original) first pattern Kirkpatrick saddle, normally fitted to Columbias.
The pedals are later replacements. 
Rudge introduced this tangent spoked roadster in 1885 and they were built until the end of the highwheel-era, around 1892. This bicycle with serial number 20036 was built in '85 or (early) '86 and it is in a great condition, with original hubs, braking system, handlebars, grips, step etc.  

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